It’s christmas! It’s time for some RED……Colour!

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The RED dress is always irresistible!

Since it’s Christmas why not get into a hot number….that you can wear to Xmas parties, work events and all the above whilst trying to be festive at the same time. (because sometimes it can be hard not to be BA HUMBUG!!)

I don’t usually wear a lot of strapless dresses or tops simply for the fact I have very broad and muscley shoulders but the double layer at the top softens it, to balance everything a bit better than a straight across line.

The festive season is a time to try out all those cute numbers that are just a little too nice for a dinner out and experiment with things you wouldn’t normally, show people at work (at Xmas parties) the real you (which I like to do through fashion because let’s face it I have no artistic flare to make cute decorations or create gorgeous gifts whatsoever!).

And while I’m normally decked out in black, white, crème or grey these days, sometimes I’ll bring the old me back with a burst of colour, it can also revitalise your spirit a little…. well once in a while anyways!

And I couldn’t resist my other fashion accessory….. BOOF take a bow!

GO COLOUR, it’s the best time yes?

OUTFIT : Dress – Manning Cartell, Jacket – David Lawrence, Black Shoes – Spur, Pearl earrings and necklace – Le Frazier


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It’s a rare occasion I get to go away for the weekend to the coast. While I could visit one of many beautiful beaches in Sydney, it’s nice to drive away somewhere and get away from it all. This is me in my casual mode, boyfriend jeans, baggy tops, little makeup and unstyled hair.

I love the beach, I used to live 5 minutes from the water and loved to spend time soaking in the sun on the golden sand, going for a dip and then relaxing with a magazine. But now I’m in the suburbs, coupled with a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to get back to the place I love.

On the weekend, I was in Bonny Hills, not far from Port Macquarie, unfortunately it was a little cool to take a dip but the view, the sounds and the salty spray made me at ease once again.

What’s your favourite place to unwind?

OUTFIT (x2) : Boyfriend Jeans – Target, Leatherlook pants – Witchery, Navy Blue top – Saba, Denim Top – Zara, Shoes – Spur


There’s no doubt that Christmas is a celebratory time of year, but your time is usually (and your money) consumed with buying other people gifts, so that hot dress you wanted or that stylish jacket you must have, needs to be put on the back burner!

So I’ve combined a list of ‘ the twelve things I wish I was getting for Christmas’. Cross my fingers I’ll get just one…… maybe my other half or Santa will be good this year! Here’s hoping!!



Scuba Pleat Skirt – Flesh ($600)

When I saw this, needless to say I had an ooohhhh….. moment. Beautifully made and thick and luxurious and the colour is so my style right now. Even girl needs a high waisted pleated skirt.



Race Black Leather Shoes ($189.95)

These are simple, elegant, yet very comfortable (not your sky high heel). A pair of heels that can go with absolutely any outfit, where could you go wrong?

daphne skirt


Daphne Knot Pencil Skirt – Spring Green ($899)

Yes… I know it’s nearly $900 just for a skirt but this one nearly knocked me over when I saw it, stunning and original and the epitome of style. It also comes in pants, a top and a dress with the bow type style, all stylish to the max, but the skirt was definitely the winner for me.



Drew Ponte Tee Dress – White ($199)

White, crisp, comfortable and stylish, what’s not to like? This is essential for every wardrobe! A great spring/summer item, I can’t believe I don’t have one already.



Agatha Culotte – Cement, Ink ($180)

I have been searching for the right pair of culottes for a while. Well there’s been a few styles I have wanted, but they have sold out very quickly. I think these will be my next purchase. Easy to wear, comfortable, in season/on trend and pair nicely with a white or grey tee or a top with a bit more embellishment when you need to go out.



Beige Nude Bodysuit ($265)

A plain, stylish bodysuit is something I wish I had for a number of reasons. Great for when you wear high waisted pants or skirts and for this style it comes in other colours like black and white which will go with anything.



Barrel Bag – Medium, Black (695)

The perfect black bag is like the perfect black dress, you always need one and most of the time they never go out of style. This Oroton bag is just simple, but stunningly classic and will match any outfit, I’m sure I’d get plenty of bag wear out of this one.



The Powder Ruff One Shoulder Dress – Grey, White ($350)

I have really come to love the By Johnny brand, the materials are really nice and stretchy, and cling nicely to a woman’s body (and even one with curves like myself). I have always had a thing for one shoulder dresses so this was a bit of a stand out, and always a favourite of mine a peplum (I even had one of my wedding dress).



Silky Viscose Jumpsuit – Black ($279)

I wanted this to wear Christmas day….. stylish, cool and comfortable (especially for when you put yourself in a food coma). You could mix and match with different pairs of shoes to makes it more of a casual outfit or whack on some killer heels and glam accessories and you have a night out with the ladies. Love its versatility.



Little Bag – Pale Pink ($820)

Little pricey for what I would usually pay for a small bag but a bit of a luxury item. Although I’m not usually a pink fan, it swings more towards nude colour and hence why I love it. Always need a classy little bag for a night out on the town.



Crepe Wide Leg Panelled Pant – Black ($229)

As you have probably already guessed, I love a good high wasited anything and Cue is one of my favourite and trusted brands (that’s not too expensive)! I should have them by now, I actually only have some cream crepe pants that I adore, so it’s only right that I invest in some of these beauties…. why haven’t I already????



Raglan Sleeve Tee – White ($395)

These type and cut of tee shirts are always worth buying in a few different colours. They look great, match well with high waisted anything and can be worn in both a casual or more dressed up setting. Gotta have one of these, I already have a couple but in black, in different brands… I need more!



No 5 Paris – Eau Premiere

Yes, I know it was only supposed to be 12 but this one you just can’t go past. I ran out of my Chanel about a month ago and was trying to wait until Christmas to see these appear in my stocking. We’ll have to wait and see…. one hopes!

Nothing more elegant and beautiful than this perfume and I always love to have it on my dressing table.

So these are my top 12….. well 13 picks for the festive season! I think it’s better that I am restricted to a set amount because let’s be honest I could go on forever, there’s always something a girl wants and ain’t that the truth!!!



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I love nothing better than leather (or leather look) and I can’t go past denim, so put them together and it’s a casual look made in heaven.

The combo will definitely add a dose of cool to the season and with the right accessories (like always) a look like this, can go from hanging out with the boys at the pub (add leather cap and flats) or an on-trend street look with a feminine touch (add heels and loads of jewellery). The androgynous look is fast becoming a favourite style of mine.

I’m still looking around for the perfect black leather skirt ( a staple piece) that would look perfect with the rest of this outfit, I know when I find it, it will virtually screams ‘gotta have it’ at you…… GOT ANY SUGGESTIONS?

OUTFIT : Denim top – Zara, Shorts – Zara, Shoes – Wittner, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Cap – Miss Shop, Necklace – Tiffany