It’s christmas! It’s time for some RED……Colour!

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The RED dress is always irresistible!

Since it’s Christmas why not get into a hot number….that you can wear to Xmas parties, work events and all the above whilst trying to be festive at the same time. (because sometimes it can be hard not to be BA HUMBUG!!)

I don’t usually wear a lot of strapless dresses or tops simply for the fact I have very broad and muscley shoulders but the double layer at the top softens it, to balance everything a bit better than a straight across line.

The festive season is a time to try out all those cute numbers that are just a little too nice for a dinner out and experiment with things you wouldn’t normally, show people at work (at Xmas parties) the real you (which I like to do through fashion because let’s face it I have no artistic flare to make cute decorations or create gorgeous gifts whatsoever!).

And while I’m normally decked out in black, white, crème or grey these days, sometimes I’ll bring the old me back with a burst of colour, it can also revitalise your spirit a little…. well once in a while anyways!

And I couldn’t resist my other fashion accessory….. BOOF take a bow!

GO COLOUR, it’s the best time yes?

OUTFIT : Dress – Manning Cartell, Jacket – David Lawrence, Black Shoes – Spur, Pearl earrings and necklace – Le Frazier

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