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 There’s always the battle of being comfortable and also stylish. Wearing flowy Vs wearing the more figure hugging!!!
Let’s be honest if my husband had his way he would probably throw out some of my more ‘comfortable’ clothes…. but these days and the trend that is this season, it’s ok to go a little oversized and feel good about your style.

When I first saw culottes back in fashion, I thought to myself, ‘I wore those at school, I’m not getting a pair of those’. But here we are…… a pair of culottes later and I’m loving them, so unbelievably great to wear.

But BEWARE the comfy or oversized garment….. they can make you look bigger than you are if not done right… no one wants to look like they are wearing a tent. An item still needs to have shape if it’s a little bigger, which will avoid you looking like you brought grandma’s top……!

Culottes…. yah or nay??? I’m now on board!!!!

OUTFIT : Culottes – Veronika Maine, Top – Saba, Shoes – Wittner, Sunnies – Collette Dinnigan, Bag – Charles & Keat


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