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Sometimes looking good while you sweat is hard!

It was just a run of hot weather (sweatfest to be exact, with major humidity) and I had to go out to the city for the day. Deciding what to wear to look nice and comfortable can be a challenge when you step outside for five minutes and you’re already sweating up a storm…. urrrgghhh!!!

Thank god it’s acceptable to wear loose clothes this season. Couldn’t go past my new culottes (yes I obviously love them) and a grey Saba crop (a little oversized, so perfect to feel not too restricted and not too long for those breeze bursts).

I don’t get the whole, wearing tight pants when it hot hot hot, how does one do I? I overheat so much I feel like I’m going to faint. Maybe I’ll try it for the weight loss factor!

So my advice on days, when your armpits are soggier than a old man in a sauna…..

*Keep it light

*Keep it flowy

*Don’t wear in-closed shoes (give those feet some air ladies) and invest in some comfy flats, your feet will thank you.

*Go oversized …. it’s OK!

*Don’t forget the deodorant (it could be disastrous otherwise)

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