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This dress was a WIN as soon as I put it on!

Fit perfectly, comfortable, on trend and just GORG!!!

As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it!….. I usually know, if I love it instantly, I’ll eventually buy it because if I don’t, I’ll just be thinking and dreaming about it until I do! (yes I dream about clothing…..)

My advice though, if you love it from the get go, BUY IT or hey there’s always layby! I have purchased a number of outfits thinking “yeah it looks alright”….. but that shouldn’t be a selling point. Most times I’ll get home and then it sits in the cupboard for a while or I’ll wear it once and try to convince myself I love it. “OMG I’m in love” now that’s a reason to buy it then and there. MY ADVICE is….. beware the trap!!!! If you love it, but cannot afford it, resist trying it on…. believe me, it is more painful to walk away from the perfect outfit when it looked so GOOD on you….!!! Maybe try waiting for it to come down in the sales(which I try my luck at, a lot of times) but then you run the risk of it being sold out completely. (it can be devastating!)

But sometimes my bank account just has to suffer….. or I have to resort to going without meat for a week (noodles are cheaper haha) to buy that knockout outfit. Fashion is sacrifice…..!

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