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Leather with leather…..risky?

Well…. not if done right! I used to think leather on leather was just reserved for 1. The tough bikie types OR 2. Their tragically dressed bikie girlfriends….. BUT I’m a convert.

I think the key to going all leather is to not go in too hardcore….. make it more feminine with a lighter colour than just black (as done here, light pink!), or go for a more loose fit (because lets be honest the only people that look good in tight tight leather pants is models and people with stick think legs…. not me!). But tight leather pants and a loose leather top can be a winner…. just tight on tight in this case might be a bit…. I’m gearing up to go for a ride….!

And NO I’m not opposed to leather-look…. it might not have the quality as real leather but there is some good stuff out there that looks just like the real thing (NOTE: the skirt is not… the top is)

And there’s no doubt good leather pieces in your wardrobe come in handy and change a dull outfit to something with a bit of edge…. (no one ever called a leather skirt dull right??)

OUTFIT : Skirt – Zara, Top – Portmans, Shoes – Zara.


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