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It’s Autumn time!!!

Yep….. time to start bringing out those new autumn pieces you’ve been waiting to wear because it’s just been a little too sweaty!

One of my favourite clothing items is the LONG Cardi…. you can’t go wrong!! My tip is get something that hugs your figure and shows off your curves…. it can turn a nanna like look (yes… cardi and nanna’s go together like peas and carrots) into a sexy, eye catching outfit.

Love love love….the grey cardi from Country Road and…. lets be honest it even gives me a bit of a booty (channel my inner Kim K)….!!! It draws in at the waist when buttoned up and dangles over you hips (perfect combination to get a great shape!)

Over some pants or a hot pencil skirt….. you’ve got yourself a winner….!!!

OUTFIT : Cardigan – Country Road, Pants – Witchery, Shoes – Lipstick

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