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NO PONIES were harmed in the making…!

My new love…. one word (or is it two) ponyhair…. yep black slip on leather heels with black ponyhair! Strange I know but luxury in shoes at its best!

And the best thing about leather in a shoe… it’s soft and wearing them out is so much better on your feet.

Oh course comes new shoes…. well… you better buy a new dress to go with that! Gone are the days that navy blue and black are a big no-no…. I say go with it….embrace the dark side together.

And the good thing about this dress is…. it’s fitted but with 75% Viscose and 25% Nylon it shapes amazingly…. (no spanks needed) it’s thick, comfy and highlights the best bits (in at the waist)! And let’s be honest anything that does that is on my list of things to buy!!!! And it comes with a crop top extra bit over the top for an extra reason to love and some added texture!!

OUTFIT : Shoes – Faddoui, Dress – Country Road


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Good for a bargain?? I’m going to say yes!!!

This is the second year I have been to Sydney’s Fashion Weekend….I was probably a bit more in awe the first time…. the second time the shininess wears off.

I did get some great bargains… no doubt! Black leather, ponyhair pumps and a white tuxedo style jacket…. But for me most of the stuff was well out of season.. like four or five seasons ago….! Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of stuff you can buy that is timeless and will always be good in your wardrobe, like leather for example…. there was bucketloads of leather on sale to my delight…. and the price markdowns were pretty good. I mean who doesn’t like leather… it seems to creep back every year, it’s just something that never really goes out of fashion.

I would however like to see more upmarket designers….Scanlan and Theodore, Sass and Bide, Oroton, Josh Goot??? I think a couple of designers like these would be a real wow factor…. a drawcard! I loved that By Johnny was there… but I actually saw the same dress I bought last year still on the rack…. but I guess that’s why it’s going for a bargain!!

The fashion show was very short!!! The music was great, the runway looked ok… although there wasn’t a lot of pieces I took a liking to… and the ones I did were usually sold out (that’s what happens when you go the last day on a Sunday)!!! I was however a bit disappointed my tickets said front row, although I got placed 3 back… mmmmhhh. Oh well!

One thing that was really annoying…. lack of mirrors and change rooms but I guess the space is limited. It’s just hard to use a mirror for 5 seconds to see what something looks like when there’s a million others girls trying to use it OR there’s that one girl who can’t decide if she looks good in something so proceeds to stand in front of the mirror turning and twisting while a bunch of other girls look on waiting to get a short glimpse….frustrating….

Would I go back again? YES I probably would….!! There was, like I said, great bargains for things like leather and there was also some great priced shoes….BUT I came away wanting more…. although I did save my pennies on what would have been an otherwise expensive shopping trip!!

OH and Australia’s sweetheart Jen Hawkins made an appearance…. the young girls were more than excited to see the stunning, tall beauty…. lining up for a photo and gasping at how gorgeous she is. That I can definitely agree with…. beautiful!


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Changing your locks…. is the best accessory yet!

I’m one of those people who get bored with the same look all the time…! I change my clothes everyday (sometimes twice, three times a day) so why not change up the hair!?!

It was either going to be blonde or red…. I haven’t been red for a while… so I went with that…. bit more wintery!

The great thing about changing up your hair colour is it’s like a new accessory that you haven’t worn yet…. and most people notice! And surprisingly it can add something different to an outfit…..!

I love black….. so red hair with any black ensemble adds another dimension…. that flash of colour!

So I guess that makes me a ranga now (default though haha!)

OUTFIT : Jumper – Country Road, Black Jeans – Witchery