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I love jumpsuits but not all jumpsuits love me!!!

I get a little thing known as ‘camel toe’ with a lot of jumpsuits so can’t wear most of them (that’s what a long torso will do). But on this occasion I found a loose fitting jumper that fit perfectly (minus the camel toe) and is really comfortable to wear. The solid colour is also best for a flattering fit.

My advice to wearing one of these is never get anything too clingy (because lets be honest, even if you have a great figure, we don’t want to see the outline of your *&%#$). A structured fit will flatter but make sure you get the right length. If you’re short stay away from theĀ 3/4 length, stick to short or long to give that great silhouette, paired with some killed heels to elongate the body.

But have fun with a jumpsuit! It’s one of those pieces that most people don’t attempt… but it can look very glamorous paired with a great jacket, heels and accessories!

OUTFIT : Jumpsuit – Veronika Maine, Jacket – TT, Heels – Spur.