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Good for a bargain?? I’m going to say yes!!!

This is the second year I have been to Sydney’s Fashion Weekend….I was probably a bit more in awe the first time…. the second time the shininess wears off.

I did get some great bargains… no doubt! Black leather, ponyhair pumps and a white tuxedo style jacket…. But for me most of the stuff was well out of season.. like four or five seasons ago….! Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of stuff you can buy that is timeless and will always be good in your wardrobe, like leather for example…. there was bucketloads of leather on sale to my delight…. and the price markdowns were pretty good. I mean who doesn’t like leather… it seems to creep back every year, it’s just something that never really goes out of fashion.

I would however like to see more upmarket designers….Scanlan and Theodore, Sass and Bide, Oroton, Josh Goot??? I think a couple of designers like these would be a real wow factor…. a drawcard! I loved that By Johnny was there… but I actually saw the same dress I bought last year still on the rack…. but I guess that’s why it’s going for a bargain!!

The fashion show was very short!!! The music was great, the runway looked ok… although there wasn’t a lot of pieces I took a liking to… and the ones I did were usually sold out (that’s what happens when you go the last day on a Sunday)!!! I was however a bit disappointed my tickets said front row, although I got placed 3 back… mmmmhhh. Oh well!

One thing that was really annoying…. lack of mirrors and change rooms but I guess the space is limited. It’s just hard to use a mirror for 5 seconds to see what something looks like when there’s a million others girls trying to use it OR there’s that one girl who can’t decide if she looks good in something so proceeds to stand in front of the mirror turning and twisting while a bunch of other girls look on waiting to get a short glimpse….frustrating….

Would I go back again? YES I probably would….!! There was, like I said, great bargains for things like leather and there was also some great priced shoes….BUT I came away wanting more…. although I did save my pennies on what would have been an otherwise expensive shopping trip!!

OH and Australia’s sweetheart Jen Hawkins made an appearance…. the young girls were more than excited to see the stunning, tall beauty…. lining up for a photo and gasping at how gorgeous she is. That I can definitely agree with…. beautiful!


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Changing your locks…. is the best accessory yet!

I’m one of those people who get bored with the same look all the time…! I change my clothes everyday (sometimes twice, three times a day) so why not change up the hair!?!

It was either going to be blonde or red…. I haven’t been red for a while… so I went with that…. bit more wintery!

The great thing about changing up your hair colour is it’s like a new accessory that you haven’t worn yet…. and most people notice! And surprisingly it can add something different to an outfit…..!

I love black….. so red hair with any black ensemble adds another dimension…. that flash of colour!

So I guess that makes me a ranga now (default though haha!)

OUTFIT : Jumper – Country Road, Black Jeans – Witchery


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Australia Fashion Week….. Just Fabulous!

Got to the weekend runway show and the atmosphere was great….! Housed in a big old shed… with rustic interior (Carriageworks) hid a medley of art….. a hot car (Mercedes Benz was the sponsor)….dining and wine… and of course fashion!

While fashion might not be everybody’s thing…. AFW should just be experienced….!! Although short and sweet for me… it was enough to keep the fashion juices flowing…. in an industry that I love and admire.

The runway show (what you come to see) is where it all happens….! I find it rather spellbinding. The lights dim and the music starts pounding, with the thud of the beat felt beneath. THEN…. these beautiful, skinny and rather whimsical creatures appear….. covered with sensationally tailored and interesting attire, some stunning…. some just plain weird…but nonetheless all different in their own right.

Most walk with a stern… emotionless look, strutting to the beat…. the occasional stumble, thanks to a big heel or a loose fitting pump…. but they regain their grace and continue their stride free of emotion.

As this happens the crowds of eager (one of them being me) watch excitedly on…. analyzing every step and every outfit (or sometimes model) like something never seen before…. people holding up their phones to capture the moment of pure elegance and style.

THEN…. 30 minutes passes and the models all come out in a row… a few hand claps and gestures to those who creature their coverings….a wry smile before disappearing into the side of the stage. It’s followed by a cheer from the crowd and a surprised chatter as the music is slowly altered to a background tune…..

It’s all over ….. but for some…. the experience well worth it. Like an artist admiring a painting and a chef with a gourmet creation…. it’s appreciated and loved all in an instant.

OUTFIT : The dress over pants get-up… The new trend alert..!

Dress – Arthur Galan, Pants – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner, Bag – Charles & Keat



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Yep, Black and Blue… it can work!

Here I was at the Royal Sydney show….not looking my most glamorous, wet and soggy and my shirt not feeling the love… a little crumpled from the rain!

Black and blue always seemed like a big no no!!! But it can be done for sure, especially with denim… denim goes with anything really! You can’t really notice, but my boots are also navy blue… it all blends in inappropriately and lets be honest when you’re going to the show and walking around a lot, comfort is your first thought.

Black and Blue Blend ….. give it a whirl!

OUTFIT : Pants – Witchery, Shirt – Zara, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Target 



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Leather with leather…..risky?

Well…. not if done right! I used to think leather on leather was just reserved for 1. The tough bikie types OR 2. Their tragically dressed bikie girlfriends….. BUT I’m a convert.

I think the key to going all leather is to not go in too hardcore….. make it more feminine with a lighter colour than just black (as done here, light pink!), or go for a more loose fit (because lets be honest the only people that look good in tight tight leather pants is models and people with stick think legs…. not me!). But tight leather pants and a loose leather top can be a winner…. just tight on tight in this case might be a bit…. I’m gearing up to go for a ride….!

And NO I’m not opposed to leather-look…. it might not have the quality as real leather but there is some good stuff out there that looks just like the real thing (NOTE: the skirt is not… the top is)

And there’s no doubt good leather pieces in your wardrobe come in handy and change a dull outfit to something with a bit of edge…. (no one ever called a leather skirt dull right??)

OUTFIT : Skirt – Zara, Top – Portmans, Shoes – Zara.



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I love a good VEST!!

It always gives an outfit that extra something somethin……

I have a black and a white vest in my wardrobe and I am searching for a good grey one…. (the on trend colour this season)! And you don’t always have to pay bucket loads for a good Vest…. you can get a bargain…I DID!! This button up white vest which can also be worn as a dress is from Target…. yes I swear to you! It’s true a lot of the vests I have wanted are probably just a little too expensive, I came across this one and was pleasantly surprised…!

The good thing about a Vest, it transforms a pretty good outfit and takes it to another level… Try a Vest with a tight, figure hugging dress…. gives it that touch of sophistication… and changes it to on-trend.

Or like I have here….. pair a Vest with something flowy…. a different texture with a structured piece! It’s a winner!

Whatever you do though, if you have a Vest that you’d like to wear as just a dress…. please make sure it’s long enough…. otherwise you’re getting into…. well let’s just say…  not so sophisticated territory!!

OUTFIT : Pants – Veronika Maine, Top – Country Road, Vest – Target, Shoes – Spur, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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The White Tee!!

It’s the staple that every wardrobe needs!! It can be worn many ways…. it’s comfortable and adds that cool…relaxed look.

I’ve done it three ways to show how versatile it is.

There’s nothing more relaxed and comfortable than pairing a white tee with culottes…. looks great and feels good (that’s my motto)….. Add some chunky jewellery for some edge or a leather hat to style it up a bit.

This is a must have….. a leather skirt and white tee! There is nothing better than this combo….. chuck on some pumps to make it a little more out going, or go for flats for a stylish day ensemble….!!

Monochrome it up with an androgynous look! Leather-look pants, white tee and a black vest!! To add a slight edge of femininity …..go the black pumps (to keep it In the monochrome style).

And there’s many more ways to mix it up…… JUST ONE THING…. yes a t-shirt should be cheap but buy one that is better quality…. believe me if it’s cheap and nasty… it will stretch…. crease and just look like an oversized bed shirt after a few wears (believe me I know….. opt for paying just that little bit more for a great cotton tee).

What’s your favourite white T look?

OUTFIT : T-shirt – Country Road, Culottes – Veronika Maine, Skirt – Zara, Pants – Witchery, Vest – Cue, Flats- Spur, Black Heels – Spur, Hat – Miss Shop


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It’s Autumn time!!!

Yep….. time to start bringing out those new autumn pieces you’ve been waiting to wear because it’s just been a little too sweaty!

One of my favourite clothing items is the LONG Cardi…. you can’t go wrong!! My tip is get something that hugs your figure and shows off your curves…. it can turn a nanna like look (yes… cardi and nanna’s go together like peas and carrots) into a sexy, eye catching outfit.

Love love love….the grey cardi from Country Road and…. lets be honest it even gives me a bit of a booty (channel my inner Kim K)….!!! It draws in at the waist when buttoned up and dangles over you hips (perfect combination to get a great shape!)

Over some pants or a hot pencil skirt….. you’ve got yourself a winner….!!!

OUTFIT : Cardigan – Country Road, Pants – Witchery, Shoes – Lipstick


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The Tunic (like a long top with a slit down the side) is my new favourite thing!

From Country road (and a shout out to CR for a fabulous autumn collection, just GORG!) I have paired the very comfy top with a black skirt with a white stripe ….. I tried it all black but I think breaking it up popped it a little better.

This outfit is great for a slimming effect (and I can’t go past a good monochrome style), Black of course always does the job and the white lines down the side lengthens the body and creates a attractive silhouette.

This is an outfit you want to wear on a fat day!!!!

ALSO if you want to go a little more sophisticated, tie the hair back…… and if you wear glasses (which I only do sometimes…..they are prescription but it more depends what I’m wearing haha don’t think the optometrist would like to hear that!) it’s edging towards sexy librarian (who doesn’t want that!)

OUTFIT : Top – Country Road, Skirt – Cue, Shoes – Wittner, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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This was my attempt at a little rock chick! Well as rock chick as I’ll go anyways!

I went to a gig (and let’s be honest the sweaty, jumping around of adult men that swing their long locks around, screaming atmosphere, is not really for me!!) but I thought this was a chance to mix it up…..go a little edgy! Right? (or more….so I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb).

I think the key is…. if you’re not a rock chick (and I’m clearly not!) or not dressing in your usual comfortable get up (and what you know), don’t over do it with the look…. maintain your style and style principles but change it up a little.

I love a good short leather skirt…. (every girl needs one) and I paired it with a sheer top. I think some sheer can be trashy if gone too far….but done the right way, edgy and funky…..!!! Although my style clearly comes out with the shoe…. this is me all over!!! Keep what you stand for but don’t be afraid to try something a little different. And rolling (or shushing…. the arms) is a must…. it transforms from polished to a bit more relaxed.

OUTFIT : Skirt – Zara, Top – Sheike, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner