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 My theory is it’s a lot easier to go out on a glamorous night and look stunning and polished BUT nailing casual… well, that can be a much more difficult task!!!!

I mean there’s always the jeans and top, go to…. the tank top combo and the casual stripes… hey some even look to don the wife beater…. BUT adding an edge, gives it a little something, something, and it’s not always easy to pull off.

I’ve recently discovered a love for hats! Let’s put it this way, you’re either a hat person or you’re not…I’m lucky because I have a pin head, it normally works well with a hat and plus it can cover a bad hair day. This hat I saw it and LOVED! It’s black and white and has that cool, I’m not quite a hipster, kind of vibe (which suits me!!).

I think the trick is to add one of your old, casual go to’s (like my boyfriend jeans in this one, I got them from target for $20…. yep that’s right $20) and add some polished pieces like this Veronika Maine vest and of course the hat… hats always make things more polished (well… as long as they’re not a cap with ‘Honk if you’re horny’ on it or something :)).

So instead of just going your usual, experiment a little with a trendy casual look that will stand out from the rest…. it’s easy to do and you’ll feel like ones of those COOL effortless types…… or at least MR COOLS slightly awkward sibling…. I like the sound of that!!!

OUTFIT : Boyfriend Jeans – Target, Black top – Sportsgirl, White striped vest – Veronika Maine, Hat – Gregory Ladner, Shoes – Decjuba.


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The Cape coat seems to be pretty ‘hot right now!’

This one is like a white tuxedo jacket! I think they give you an extra bit of class, something eye catching…. and who can go wrong with white on black.

I’ve gone for a bit of a contrast look, business on top, party down the bottom…. leather boots above the knee and leather skirt. It’s a bit of a daring look but exude confidence and anyone can pull it off.

On above the knee boots…. do they? Don’t they? look at bit well…. street walker haha… ! NAH do it right and it’s a big thumbs up. I’d say avoid the patent shiny leather and super super high heels (pretty woman style) and you should be right. BUT there’s a never say never with anything… it’s all about what you pair it with.

OUTFIT : Jacket – TT, Skirt – Zara, Top – Shieke, Boots – Urban Soul, Hat – Sportsgirl



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The White Tee!!

It’s the staple that every wardrobe needs!! It can be worn many ways…. it’s comfortable and adds that cool…relaxed look.

I’ve done it three ways to show how versatile it is.

There’s nothing more relaxed and comfortable than pairing a white tee with culottes…. looks great and feels good (that’s my motto)….. Add some chunky jewellery for some edge or a leather hat to style it up a bit.

This is a must have….. a leather skirt and white tee! There is nothing better than this combo….. chuck on some pumps to make it a little more out going, or go for flats for a stylish day ensemble….!!

Monochrome it up with an androgynous look! Leather-look pants, white tee and a black vest!! To add a slight edge of femininity …..go the black pumps (to keep it In the monochrome style).

And there’s many more ways to mix it up…… JUST ONE THING…. yes a t-shirt should be cheap but buy one that is better quality…. believe me if it’s cheap and nasty… it will stretch…. crease and just look like an oversized bed shirt after a few wears (believe me I know….. opt for paying just that little bit more for a great cotton tee).

What’s your favourite white T look?

OUTFIT : T-shirt – Country Road, Culottes – Veronika Maine, Skirt – Zara, Pants – Witchery, Vest – Cue, Flats- Spur, Black Heels – Spur, Hat – Miss Shop


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This dress was a WIN as soon as I put it on!

Fit perfectly, comfortable, on trend and just GORG!!!

As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it!….. I usually know, if I love it instantly, I’ll eventually buy it because if I don’t, I’ll just be thinking and dreaming about it until I do! (yes I dream about clothing…..)

My advice though, if you love it from the get go, BUY IT or hey there’s always layby! I have purchased a number of outfits thinking “yeah it looks alright”….. but that shouldn’t be a selling point. Most times I’ll get home and then it sits in the cupboard for a while or I’ll wear it once and try to convince myself I love it. “OMG I’m in love” now that’s a reason to buy it then and there. MY ADVICE is….. beware the trap!!!! If you love it, but cannot afford it, resist trying it on…. believe me, it is more painful to walk away from the perfect outfit when it looked so GOOD on you….!!! Maybe try waiting for it to come down in the sales(which I try my luck at, a lot of times) but then you run the risk of it being sold out completely. (it can be devastating!)

But sometimes my bank account just has to suffer….. or I have to resort to going without meat for a week (noodles are cheaper haha) to buy that knockout outfit. Fashion is sacrifice…..!

It’s christmas! It’s time for some RED……Colour!

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The RED dress is always irresistible!

Since it’s Christmas why not get into a hot number….that you can wear to Xmas parties, work events and all the above whilst trying to be festive at the same time. (because sometimes it can be hard not to be BA HUMBUG!!)

I don’t usually wear a lot of strapless dresses or tops simply for the fact I have very broad and muscley shoulders but the double layer at the top softens it, to balance everything a bit better than a straight across line.

The festive season is a time to try out all those cute numbers that are just a little too nice for a dinner out and experiment with things you wouldn’t normally, show people at work (at Xmas parties) the real you (which I like to do through fashion because let’s face it I have no artistic flare to make cute decorations or create gorgeous gifts whatsoever!).

And while I’m normally decked out in black, white, crème or grey these days, sometimes I’ll bring the old me back with a burst of colour, it can also revitalise your spirit a little…. well once in a while anyways!

And I couldn’t resist my other fashion accessory….. BOOF take a bow!

GO COLOUR, it’s the best time yes?

OUTFIT : Dress – Manning Cartell, Jacket – David Lawrence, Black Shoes – Spur, Pearl earrings and necklace – Le Frazier


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It’s a rare occasion I get to go away for the weekend to the coast. While I could visit one of many beautiful beaches in Sydney, it’s nice to drive away somewhere and get away from it all. This is me in my casual mode, boyfriend jeans, baggy tops, little makeup and unstyled hair.

I love the beach, I used to live 5 minutes from the water and loved to spend time soaking in the sun on the golden sand, going for a dip and then relaxing with a magazine. But now I’m in the suburbs, coupled with a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to get back to the place I love.

On the weekend, I was in Bonny Hills, not far from Port Macquarie, unfortunately it was a little cool to take a dip but the view, the sounds and the salty spray made me at ease once again.

What’s your favourite place to unwind?

OUTFIT (x2) : Boyfriend Jeans – Target, Leatherlook pants – Witchery, Navy Blue top – Saba, Denim Top – Zara, Shoes – Spur


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I love designer brands but my bank account doesn’t love them so much. Therefore getting on the bargain hunt is the best thing.

Look out for samples sales. A lot of designers will have sample or majorly reduced sales on their collections and past collections to get rid of a bit of stock. I recently went to the Josh Goot sale in Sydney and it was in one of their warehouses, so needless to say I got a great bargain. A $800 top for $150.

Obviously the star in this shoot is the Josh Goot black and white top. It looks great with anything and is super comfortable and is very on trend.

So if you like a particular designer, best bet is to get on their mailing list and most the time they will let you know when they’re having these sales so you can buy some great designer stuff but without the hefty pricetag.

OUTFIT : Top – Josh Goot, Skirt – Witchery, Shoes – Wittner