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Yet again the weekend edition was all that was expected! Glamorous and stunning in the rustic building that is Carriageworks.

Loved the runway show…. and I’m one of those people who loves models. The tall, slender beings with arms and legs that go for miles and pointy, sharp, defined features. Some with graceful, gliding walks…. others not so graceful… more like a preying mantus!! And there couldn’t be a show without the all to common nip slip… yep had one of those… and feeling that moment of dread for the model, although I’m pretty sure she didn’t care, it was all in a days work really! And she had a nice pair!

I decided to go monochrome…. with a touch of dark grey down below. I was pretty happy with the new top I purchased from White Suede…. fit me like a glove and had the structure to shape me nicely and split arms for that Ellery type look (sometimes you just can’t afford the top notch stuff). I went with a boot because I wanted to add some edge… the glamorous pump would have been great too… but I think the boots strengthen a more stylish look. And let’s be honest a bucketload more comfortable for a night out. And that clutch…. a little bit of hair and gold trimming…..what more can I say! Winning!

Fashion Week…. it’s been a pleasure!!!

OUTFIT : Top – White Suede, Skirt – Witchery, Boots – Nine West, clutch – Zimmerman. 


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Australia Fashion Week….. Just Fabulous!

Got to the weekend runway show and the atmosphere was great….! Housed in a big old shed… with rustic interior (Carriageworks) hid a medley of art….. a hot car (Mercedes Benz was the sponsor)….dining and wine… and of course fashion!

While fashion might not be everybody’s thing…. AFW should just be experienced….!! Although short and sweet for me… it was enough to keep the fashion juices flowing…. in an industry that I love and admire.

The runway show (what you come to see) is where it all happens….! I find it rather spellbinding. The lights dim and the music starts pounding, with the thud of the beat felt beneath. THEN…. these beautiful, skinny and rather whimsical creatures appear….. covered with sensationally tailored and interesting attire, some stunning…. some just plain weird…but nonetheless all different in their own right.

Most walk with a stern… emotionless look, strutting to the beat…. the occasional stumble, thanks to a big heel or a loose fitting pump…. but they regain their grace and continue their stride free of emotion.

As this happens the crowds of eager (one of them being me) watch excitedly on…. analyzing every step and every outfit (or sometimes model) like something never seen before…. people holding up their phones to capture the moment of pure elegance and style.

THEN…. 30 minutes passes and the models all come out in a row… a few hand claps and gestures to those who creature their coverings….a wry smile before disappearing into the side of the stage. It’s followed by a cheer from the crowd and a surprised chatter as the music is slowly altered to a background tune…..

It’s all over ….. but for some…. the experience well worth it. Like an artist admiring a painting and a chef with a gourmet creation…. it’s appreciated and loved all in an instant.

OUTFIT : The dress over pants get-up… The new trend alert..!

Dress – Arthur Galan, Pants – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner, Bag – Charles & Keat