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The Tunic (like a long top with a slit down the side) is my new favourite thing!

From Country road (and a shout out to CR for a fabulous autumn collection, just GORG!) I have paired the very comfy top with a black skirt with a white stripe ….. I tried it all black but I think breaking it up popped it a little better.

This outfit is great for a slimming effect (and I can’t go past a good monochrome style), Black of course always does the job and the white lines down the side lengthens the body and creates a attractive silhouette.

This is an outfit you want to wear on a fat day!!!!

ALSO if you want to go a little more sophisticated, tie the hair back…… and if you wear glasses (which I only do sometimes…..they are prescription but it more depends what I’m wearing haha don’t think the optometrist would like to hear that!) it’s edging towards sexy librarian (who doesn’t want that!)

OUTFIT : Top – Country Road, Skirt – Cue, Shoes – Wittner, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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There’s nothing better than wearing clothes that look and feel luxurious. I love mixing cream or off white (pants) with white (jacket) it gives it that beautiful light and fresh look with a bit of black to break it up (go monochrome). The flowy pants signal the glam European look. And apart from being effortless chic an outfit like this is surprisingly comfortable…. I love high waisted pants, they look gorgeous on and can be worn with a great cropped top or something to tuck in. Looking luxe… you’ll feel like a million bucks.

OUTFIT: Pants – Veronica Maine, Top – Kookai, Jacket – Jayson Brunsdon, Sunglasses – Collette Dinnigan