Ahhhhh the new year begins and so do all the sales!!!

This is a great time of the year…. sales galore and a time to stock up the wardrobe! While some may of just had the equivalent of a shopping lobotomy from all the Christmas buying, I say spend a little more. Believe me , sometimes things are going half price, even 70% off this time of the year…. wait too long and it will be back to the usual shopping cycle of occasional 20% off.

One of the things I like to do when shopping is hardly ever buy retail prices….. by that I mean, most stores will always have a sale at some point, you just have to wait it out. Try it on in the shop and get it when the price drops or online which could be even cheaper. Yeah yeah I know….it won’t work in every case, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay full price…. sometimes you just can’t wait a second longer to have that cool shirt and short combo in your wardrobe. Also the really awesome stuff… well it doesn’t always go on sale 🙁

I love this striped boob tube…. it’s floaty, fun and well if you have a fat day… hoorah!!!! I got it for 25% off and what I love about it is the built in bra/corset. For someone like me that’s needed, but for the bigger busted lasses… braless it is. And I also got the Sleeveless cardi half price.. (pat myself on the back for that one!). The Saba pants are oldies but also a half price snatch. Here’s to the festive season, may all your sale item come true.

OUTFIT : Top – Witchery, Sleeveless Cardi – Decjuba, pants – Saba, Shoes – Nine West


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I love the look of off the shoulder but it is too annoying for me???

Well…. a little bit. Depends where I am going for the day really. If it’s just drinks with the ladies sitting down lifting my drinking hand, I’ll be alright BUT going shopping, moving about too much, anything requiring you doing, well stuff… then the off the should not such a great idea!

Mine is a tighter fit, so maybe the loose fit is the go. It’s just a bit constricting and you’re continuously tugging on it to pull it down (that doesn’t sound so good!!). haha!

I won’t say I’m put right off the ‘off the shoulder’… let’s be honest if I see one that is too fabulous, I’m probably going to end up buying it anyway and only wearing it on non lifting up my arms kinda days…..! But then again beauty is pain, beauty is sometimes uncomfortable… it’d be so easier being a guy wouldn’t it…!

But do love the feel of this one… and while it’s a little tight around the shoulders, it has a flowy waist, that any girl would enjoy, especially when you go out for dinner (like your fat pants!). AND it looks great with my bigger shoulders… cos sometimes a girl wants to put away those guns!

OUTFIT : Top – Witchery, Skirt – Witchery, (bit of a Witchery fest) Shoes – Zara basic collection


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I love jumpsuits but not all jumpsuits love me!!!

I get a little thing known as ‘camel toe’ with a lot of jumpsuits so can’t wear most of them (that’s what a long torso will do). But on this occasion I found a loose fitting jumper that fit perfectly (minus the camel toe) and is really comfortable to wear. The solid colour is also best for a flattering fit.

My advice to wearing one of these is never get anything too clingy (because lets be honest, even if you have a great figure, we don’t want to see the outline of your *&%#$). A structured fit will flatter but make sure you get the right length. If you’re short stay away from the 3/4 length, stick to short or long to give that great silhouette, paired with some killed heels to elongate the body.

But have fun with a jumpsuit! It’s one of those pieces that most people don’t attempt… but it can look very glamorous paired with a great jacket, heels and accessories!

OUTFIT : Jumpsuit – Veronika Maine, Jacket – TT, Heels – Spur.


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Life’s a beach….!

I decided to go on a trip with a girlfriend for a weeks getaway to Phuket in Thailand, you know the relaxing, heaps of massages and good food kinda holiday… well it didn’t disappoint…!

NOW let’s be honest, most of the time when on holiday, and especially a sweaty, hotbox like Phuket at this time of the year, your major concern is getting a tan, cooling off in the water, exploring and of course relaxing by the pool with a pina colada… BUT you can still look good doing it!

I don’t wear much colour in general but there is something about holidays that brings out the wearing colour in me, it’s as if I can delve back into that other part of my wardrobe which is getting a bit neglected… the colour I once used to wear and give it a comeback. Also when I dorned a bright red dress, got a few comments from the ladyboys about how good I looked, so can’t go wrong there haha.

When you’re absolutely sweating your ringer off… (believe me I did), you don’t want to be wearing luxurious, glamorous materials, that are heavy and bulky…the lighter the better and comfier the better.

Of course I didn’t throw away my staple black for a trip to the islands and Leo Dicaprio’s THE BEACH (which is pictured here). Just a simple cotton black mini with a black Zimmerman top, slightly see through but beautiful and light and flowy and to bring it all together a colourful kaftan. I like it because it’s simple but it’s still eye catching and to top it off a black hat, everyone needs a hat. Think sunsmart/stylish in one.

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you need to start wearing bum bags and ugly nanna tanks…! My motto: If you wouldn’t wear it down the street at home, don’t wear it on holidays…!

OUTFIT : Top – Zimmerman, Skirt – Cotton on, Kaftan – Shieke, Hat – Target


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I’m back…! Yep.. had a little bit of a break but the words of wisdom start to flow again!

Do you love the start of the warmer months…. but don’t love putting away those luxurious coats that looked so good in winter? WELL… the best way to have both is a long line vest jacket, like this one. No arms… now that’s the way to cover the not being too hot situation!

I love a monochrome look but discovering the grey and white ensemble… a pure winner. The light colour also adds a bit of freshness for spring… a bit like a crisp apple cider (the dry ones that is).

With the shoe, go for one like this to make it a bit more edgy (and believe me it’s edgy… bit of a skyscraper) …. want a feminine and more classic look…. go the pump and keep the white theme happening.

OUTFIT : Vest Jacket – The Fifth, Skirt – Witchery, Top – Sheike, Shoes – The Collective


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DSC01668 (2)

DSC01659 (2)

DSC01671 (2)

DSC01648 (2)

The Cape coat seems to be pretty ‘hot right now!’

This one is like a white tuxedo jacket! I think they give you an extra bit of class, something eye catching…. and who can go wrong with white on black.

I’ve gone for a bit of a contrast look, business on top, party down the bottom…. leather boots above the knee and leather skirt. It’s a bit of a daring look but exude confidence and anyone can pull it off.

On above the knee boots…. do they? Don’t they? look at bit well…. street walker haha… ! NAH do it right and it’s a big thumbs up. I’d say avoid the patent shiny leather and super super high heels (pretty woman style) and you should be right. BUT there’s a never say never with anything… it’s all about what you pair it with.

OUTFIT : Jacket – TT, Skirt – Zara, Top – Shieke, Boots – Urban Soul, Hat – Sportsgirl



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Ahhhh the serenity!!!

Grey is like the new black this season! Lovin the long line coats with slits up the side…. comfy and luxurious.

The black, white and grey colour palate is my idea of winter style at its best. Pair it with an androgynous shoe with a gold bit of bling and it’s a winner… Yes it’s an acquired taste but I love feminine with a manly edge. I saw them and fell in love…!!!

Every girl (and guy) should have a couple of big, beautiful coats this winter, not only for the obvious…. the warmth, but choose the right style and it’ll be a staple piece for years to come.

And a special mention to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney… style meets beautiful green surroundings…. mother nature at its best!

OUTFIT : Coat – Witchery, Skirt – Seed, Top – Veronika Maine, Shoes – Country Road


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DSC01548 (2)

NO PONIES were harmed in the making…!

My new love…. one word (or is it two) ponyhair…. yep black slip on leather heels with black ponyhair! Strange I know but luxury in shoes at its best!

And the best thing about leather in a shoe… it’s soft and wearing them out is so much better on your feet.

Oh course comes new shoes…. well… you better buy a new dress to go with that! Gone are the days that navy blue and black are a big no-no…. I say go with it….embrace the dark side together.

And the good thing about this dress is…. it’s fitted but with 75% Viscose and 25% Nylon it shapes amazingly…. (no spanks needed) it’s thick, comfy and highlights the best bits (in at the waist)! And let’s be honest anything that does that is on my list of things to buy!!!! And it comes with a crop top extra bit over the top for an extra reason to love and some added texture!!

OUTFIT : Shoes – Faddoui, Dress – Country Road


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Good for a bargain?? I’m going to say yes!!!

This is the second year I have been to Sydney’s Fashion Weekend….I was probably a bit more in awe the first time…. the second time the shininess wears off.

I did get some great bargains… no doubt! Black leather, ponyhair pumps and a white tuxedo style jacket…. But for me most of the stuff was well out of season.. like four or five seasons ago….! Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of stuff you can buy that is timeless and will always be good in your wardrobe, like leather for example…. there was bucketloads of leather on sale to my delight…. and the price markdowns were pretty good. I mean who doesn’t like leather… it seems to creep back every year, it’s just something that never really goes out of fashion.

I would however like to see more upmarket designers….Scanlan and Theodore, Sass and Bide, Oroton, Josh Goot??? I think a couple of designers like these would be a real wow factor…. a drawcard! I loved that By Johnny was there… but I actually saw the same dress I bought last year still on the rack…. but I guess that’s why it’s going for a bargain!!

The fashion show was very short!!! The music was great, the runway looked ok… although there wasn’t a lot of pieces I took a liking to… and the ones I did were usually sold out (that’s what happens when you go the last day on a Sunday)!!! I was however a bit disappointed my tickets said front row, although I got placed 3 back… mmmmhhh. Oh well!

One thing that was really annoying…. lack of mirrors and change rooms but I guess the space is limited. It’s just hard to use a mirror for 5 seconds to see what something looks like when there’s a million others girls trying to use it OR there’s that one girl who can’t decide if she looks good in something so proceeds to stand in front of the mirror turning and twisting while a bunch of other girls look on waiting to get a short glimpse….frustrating….

Would I go back again? YES I probably would….!! There was, like I said, great bargains for things like leather and there was also some great priced shoes….BUT I came away wanting more…. although I did save my pennies on what would have been an otherwise expensive shopping trip!!

OH and Australia’s sweetheart Jen Hawkins made an appearance…. the young girls were more than excited to see the stunning, tall beauty…. lining up for a photo and gasping at how gorgeous she is. That I can definitely agree with…. beautiful!


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DSC01461 (2)

Australia Fashion Week….. Just Fabulous!

Got to the weekend runway show and the atmosphere was great….! Housed in a big old shed… with rustic interior (Carriageworks) hid a medley of art….. a hot car (Mercedes Benz was the sponsor)….dining and wine… and of course fashion!

While fashion might not be everybody’s thing…. AFW should just be experienced….!! Although short and sweet for me… it was enough to keep the fashion juices flowing…. in an industry that I love and admire.

The runway show (what you come to see) is where it all happens….! I find it rather spellbinding. The lights dim and the music starts pounding, with the thud of the beat felt beneath. THEN…. these beautiful, skinny and rather whimsical creatures appear….. covered with sensationally tailored and interesting attire, some stunning…. some just plain weird…but nonetheless all different in their own right.

Most walk with a stern… emotionless look, strutting to the beat…. the occasional stumble, thanks to a big heel or a loose fitting pump…. but they regain their grace and continue their stride free of emotion.

As this happens the crowds of eager (one of them being me) watch excitedly on…. analyzing every step and every outfit (or sometimes model) like something never seen before…. people holding up their phones to capture the moment of pure elegance and style.

THEN…. 30 minutes passes and the models all come out in a row… a few hand claps and gestures to those who creature their coverings….a wry smile before disappearing into the side of the stage. It’s followed by a cheer from the crowd and a surprised chatter as the music is slowly altered to a background tune…..

It’s all over ….. but for some…. the experience well worth it. Like an artist admiring a painting and a chef with a gourmet creation…. it’s appreciated and loved all in an instant.

OUTFIT : The dress over pants get-up… The new trend alert..!

Dress – Arthur Galan, Pants – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner, Bag – Charles & Keat