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Ahhhh the serenity!!!

Grey is like the new black this season! Lovin the long line coats with slits up the side…. comfy and luxurious.

The black, white and grey colour palate is my idea of winter style at its best. Pair it with an androgynous shoe with a gold bit of bling and it’s a winner… Yes it’s an acquired taste but I love feminine with a manly edge. I saw them and fell in love…!!!

Every girl (and guy) should have a couple of big, beautiful coats this winter, not only for the obvious…. the warmth, but choose the right style and it’ll be a staple piece for years to come.

And a special mention to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney… style meets beautiful green surroundings…. mother nature at its best!

OUTFIT : Coat – Witchery, Skirt – Seed, Top – Veronika Maine, Shoes – Country Road


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Tweed, you either love it or hate it and honestly I have never been the biggest fan of what I call (the professor) look but in the right shape and style it can make a simple outfit, polished and stylish.

I will never be one to wear full tweed suits or to start buying tweed accessories but a little bit of can go a long way. This black silhouette gets a boost with this grey, purple tweed cape jacket (yes I’m aware I have a love for all things cape!).

And the killer shoulder pads always make a statement. Again you either love them or hate them but there’s no denying they add some structure.

OUTFIT : Cape Jacket – Cameo, Skirt – Seed, Top – Witchery, Red shoes – Forever New