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Yet again the weekend edition was all that was expected! Glamorous and stunning in the rustic building that is Carriageworks.

Loved the runway show…. and I’m one of those people who loves models. The tall, slender beings with arms and legs that go for miles and pointy, sharp, defined features. Some with graceful, gliding walks…. others not so graceful… more like a preying mantus!! And there couldn’t be a show without the all to common nip slip… yep had one of those… and feeling that moment of dread for the model, although I’m pretty sure she didn’t care, it was all in a days work really! And she had a nice pair!

I decided to go monochrome…. with a touch of dark grey down below. I was pretty happy with the new top I purchased from White Suede…. fit me like a glove and had the structure to shape me nicely and split arms for that Ellery type look (sometimes you just can’t afford the top notch stuff). I went with a boot because I wanted to add some edge… the glamorous pump would have been great too… but I think the boots strengthen a more stylish look. And let’s be honest a bucketload more comfortable for a night out. And that clutch…. a little bit of hair and gold trimming…..what more can I say! Winning!

Fashion Week…. it’s been a pleasure!!!

OUTFIT : Top – White Suede, Skirt – Witchery, Boots – Nine West, clutch – Zimmerman. 


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Life’s a beach….!

I decided to go on a trip with a girlfriend for a weeks getaway to Phuket in Thailand, you know the relaxing, heaps of massages and good food kinda holiday… well it didn’t disappoint…!

NOW let’s be honest, most of the time when on holiday, and especially a sweaty, hotbox like Phuket at this time of the year, your major concern is getting a tan, cooling off in the water, exploring and of course relaxing by the pool with a pina colada… BUT you can still look good doing it!

I don’t wear much colour in general but there is something about holidays that brings out the wearing colour in me, it’s as if I can delve back into that other part of my wardrobe which is getting a bit neglected… the colour I once used to wear and give it a comeback. Also when I dorned a bright red dress, got a few comments from the ladyboys about how good I looked, so can’t go wrong there haha.

When you’re absolutely sweating your ringer off… (believe me I did), you don’t want to be wearing luxurious, glamorous materials, that are heavy and bulky…the lighter the better and comfier the better.

Of course I didn’t throw away my staple black for a trip to the islands and Leo Dicaprio’s THE BEACH (which is pictured here). Just a simple cotton black mini with a black Zimmerman top, slightly see through but beautiful and light and flowy and to bring it all together a colourful kaftan. I like it because it’s simple but it’s still eye catching and to top it off a black hat, everyone needs a hat. Think sunsmart/stylish in one.

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you need to start wearing bum bags and ugly nanna tanks…! My motto: If you wouldn’t wear it down the street at home, don’t wear it on holidays…!

OUTFIT : Top – Zimmerman, Skirt – Cotton on, Kaftan – Shieke, Hat – Target


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I love a good VEST!!

It always gives an outfit that extra something somethin……

I have a black and a white vest in my wardrobe and I am searching for a good grey one…. (the on trend colour this season)! And you don’t always have to pay bucket loads for a good Vest…. you can get a bargain…I DID!! This button up white vest which can also be worn as a dress is from Target…. yes I swear to you! It’s true a lot of the vests I have wanted are probably just a little too expensive, I came across this one and was pleasantly surprised…!

The good thing about a Vest, it transforms a pretty good outfit and takes it to another level… Try a Vest with a tight, figure hugging dress…. gives it that touch of sophistication… and changes it to on-trend.

Or like I have here….. pair a Vest with something flowy…. a different texture with a structured piece! It’s a winner!

Whatever you do though, if you have a Vest that you’d like to wear as just a dress…. please make sure it’s long enough…. otherwise you’re getting into…. well let’s just say…  not so sophisticated territory!!

OUTFIT : Pants – Veronika Maine, Top – Country Road, Vest – Target, Shoes – Spur, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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 There’s always the battle of being comfortable and also stylish. Wearing flowy Vs wearing the more figure hugging!!!
Let’s be honest if my husband had his way he would probably throw out some of my more ‘comfortable’ clothes…. but these days and the trend that is this season, it’s ok to go a little oversized and feel good about your style.

When I first saw culottes back in fashion, I thought to myself, ‘I wore those at school, I’m not getting a pair of those’. But here we are…… a pair of culottes later and I’m loving them, so unbelievably great to wear.

But BEWARE the comfy or oversized garment….. they can make you look bigger than you are if not done right… no one wants to look like they are wearing a tent. An item still needs to have shape if it’s a little bigger, which will avoid you looking like you brought grandma’s top……!

Culottes…. yah or nay??? I’m now on board!!!!

OUTFIT : Culottes – Veronika Maine, Top – Saba, Shoes – Wittner, Sunnies – Collette Dinnigan, Bag – Charles & Keat



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Tweed, you either love it or hate it and honestly I have never been the biggest fan of what I call (the professor) look but in the right shape and style it can make a simple outfit, polished and stylish.

I will never be one to wear full tweed suits or to start buying tweed accessories but a little bit of can go a long way. This black silhouette gets a boost with this grey, purple tweed cape jacket (yes I’m aware I have a love for all things cape!).

And the killer shoulder pads always make a statement. Again you either love them or hate them but there’s no denying they add some structure.

OUTFIT : Cape Jacket – Cameo, Skirt – Seed, Top – Witchery, Red shoes – Forever New