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I love jumpsuits but not all jumpsuits love me!!!

I get a little thing known as ‘camel toe’ with a lot of jumpsuits so can’t wear most of them (that’s what a long torso will do). But on this occasion I found a loose fitting jumper that fit perfectly (minus the camel toe) and is really comfortable to wear. The solid colour is also best for a flattering fit.

My advice to wearing one of these is never get anything too clingy (because lets be honest, even if you have a great figure, we don’t want to see the outline of your *&%#$). A structured fit will flatter but make sure you get the right length. If you’re short stay away from the 3/4 length, stick to short or long to give that great silhouette, paired with some killed heels to elongate the body.

But have fun with a jumpsuit! It’s one of those pieces that most people don’t attempt… but it can look very glamorous paired with a great jacket, heels and accessories!

OUTFIT : Jumpsuit – Veronika Maine, Jacket – TT, Heels – Spur.


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 My theory is it’s a lot easier to go out on a glamorous night and look stunning and polished BUT nailing casual… well, that can be a much more difficult task!!!!

I mean there’s always the jeans and top, go to…. the tank top combo and the casual stripes… hey some even look to don the wife beater…. BUT adding an edge, gives it a little something, something, and it’s not always easy to pull off.

I’ve recently discovered a love for hats! Let’s put it this way, you’re either a hat person or you’re not…I’m lucky because I have a pin head, it normally works well with a hat and plus it can cover a bad hair day. This hat I saw it and LOVED! It’s black and white and has that cool, I’m not quite a hipster, kind of vibe (which suits me!!).

I think the trick is to add one of your old, casual go to’s (like my boyfriend jeans in this one, I got them from target for $20…. yep that’s right $20) and add some polished pieces like this Veronika Maine vest and of course the hat… hats always make things more polished (well… as long as they’re not a cap with ‘Honk if you’re horny’ on it or something :)).

So instead of just going your usual, experiment a little with a trendy casual look that will stand out from the rest…. it’s easy to do and you’ll feel like ones of those COOL effortless types…… or at least MR COOLS slightly awkward sibling…. I like the sound of that!!!

OUTFIT : Boyfriend Jeans – Target, Black top – Sportsgirl, White striped vest – Veronika Maine, Hat – Gregory Ladner, Shoes – Decjuba.


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Ahhhh the serenity!!!

Grey is like the new black this season! Lovin the long line coats with slits up the side…. comfy and luxurious.

The black, white and grey colour palate is my idea of winter style at its best. Pair it with an androgynous shoe with a gold bit of bling and it’s a winner… Yes it’s an acquired taste but I love feminine with a manly edge. I saw them and fell in love…!!!

Every girl (and guy) should have a couple of big, beautiful coats this winter, not only for the obvious…. the warmth, but choose the right style and it’ll be a staple piece for years to come.

And a special mention to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney… style meets beautiful green surroundings…. mother nature at its best!

OUTFIT : Coat – Witchery, Skirt – Seed, Top – Veronika Maine, Shoes – Country Road


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I love a good VEST!!

It always gives an outfit that extra something somethin……

I have a black and a white vest in my wardrobe and I am searching for a good grey one…. (the on trend colour this season)! And you don’t always have to pay bucket loads for a good Vest…. you can get a bargain…I DID!! This button up white vest which can also be worn as a dress is from Target…. yes I swear to you! It’s true a lot of the vests I have wanted are probably just a little too expensive, I came across this one and was pleasantly surprised…!

The good thing about a Vest, it transforms a pretty good outfit and takes it to another level… Try a Vest with a tight, figure hugging dress…. gives it that touch of sophistication… and changes it to on-trend.

Or like I have here….. pair a Vest with something flowy…. a different texture with a structured piece! It’s a winner!

Whatever you do though, if you have a Vest that you’d like to wear as just a dress…. please make sure it’s long enough…. otherwise you’re getting into…. well let’s just say…  not so sophisticated territory!!

OUTFIT : Pants – Veronika Maine, Top – Country Road, Vest – Target, Shoes – Spur, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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The White Tee!!

It’s the staple that every wardrobe needs!! It can be worn many ways…. it’s comfortable and adds that cool…relaxed look.

I’ve done it three ways to show how versatile it is.

There’s nothing more relaxed and comfortable than pairing a white tee with culottes…. looks great and feels good (that’s my motto)….. Add some chunky jewellery for some edge or a leather hat to style it up a bit.

This is a must have….. a leather skirt and white tee! There is nothing better than this combo….. chuck on some pumps to make it a little more out going, or go for flats for a stylish day ensemble….!!

Monochrome it up with an androgynous look! Leather-look pants, white tee and a black vest!! To add a slight edge of femininity …..go the black pumps (to keep it In the monochrome style).

And there’s many more ways to mix it up…… JUST ONE THING…. yes a t-shirt should be cheap but buy one that is better quality…. believe me if it’s cheap and nasty… it will stretch…. crease and just look like an oversized bed shirt after a few wears (believe me I know….. opt for paying just that little bit more for a great cotton tee).

What’s your favourite white T look?

OUTFIT : T-shirt – Country Road, Culottes – Veronika Maine, Skirt – Zara, Pants – Witchery, Vest – Cue, Flats- Spur, Black Heels – Spur, Hat – Miss Shop


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Sometimes looking good while you sweat is hard!

It was just a run of hot weather (sweatfest to be exact, with major humidity) and I had to go out to the city for the day. Deciding what to wear to look nice and comfortable can be a challenge when you step outside for five minutes and you’re already sweating up a storm…. urrrgghhh!!!

Thank god it’s acceptable to wear loose clothes this season. Couldn’t go past my new culottes (yes I obviously love them) and a grey Saba crop (a little oversized, so perfect to feel not too restricted and not too long for those breeze bursts).

I don’t get the whole, wearing tight pants when it hot hot hot, how does one do I? I overheat so much I feel like I’m going to faint. Maybe I’ll try it for the weight loss factor!

So my advice on days, when your armpits are soggier than a old man in a sauna…..

*Keep it light

*Keep it flowy

*Don’t wear in-closed shoes (give those feet some air ladies) and invest in some comfy flats, your feet will thank you.

*Go oversized …. it’s OK!

*Don’t forget the deodorant (it could be disastrous otherwise)


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 There’s always the battle of being comfortable and also stylish. Wearing flowy Vs wearing the more figure hugging!!!
Let’s be honest if my husband had his way he would probably throw out some of my more ‘comfortable’ clothes…. but these days and the trend that is this season, it’s ok to go a little oversized and feel good about your style.

When I first saw culottes back in fashion, I thought to myself, ‘I wore those at school, I’m not getting a pair of those’. But here we are…… a pair of culottes later and I’m loving them, so unbelievably great to wear.

But BEWARE the comfy or oversized garment….. they can make you look bigger than you are if not done right… no one wants to look like they are wearing a tent. An item still needs to have shape if it’s a little bigger, which will avoid you looking like you brought grandma’s top……!

Culottes…. yah or nay??? I’m now on board!!!!

OUTFIT : Culottes – Veronika Maine, Top – Saba, Shoes – Wittner, Sunnies – Collette Dinnigan, Bag – Charles & Keat