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I love a good VEST!!

It always gives an outfit that extra something somethin……

I have a black and a white vest in my wardrobe and I am searching for a good grey one…. (the on trend colour this season)! And you don’t always have to pay bucket loads for a good Vest…. you can get a bargain…I DID!! This button up white vest which can also be worn as a dress is from Target…. yes I swear to you! It’s true a lot of the vests I have wanted are probably just a little too expensive, I came across this one and was pleasantly surprised…!

The good thing about a Vest, it transforms a pretty good outfit and takes it to another level… Try a Vest with a tight, figure hugging dress…. gives it that touch of sophistication… and changes it to on-trend.

Or like I have here….. pair a Vest with something flowy…. a different texture with a structured piece! It’s a winner!

Whatever you do though, if you have a Vest that you’d like to wear as just a dress…. please make sure it’s long enough…. otherwise you’re getting into…. well let’s just say…  not so sophisticated territory!!

OUTFIT : Pants – Veronika Maine, Top – Country Road, Vest – Target, Shoes – Spur, Glasses – Collette Dinnigan


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There’s nothing better than wearing clothes that look and feel luxurious. I love mixing cream or off white (pants) with white (jacket) it gives it that beautiful light and fresh look with a bit of black to break it up (go monochrome). The flowy pants signal the glam European look. And apart from being effortless chic an outfit like this is surprisingly comfortable…. I love high waisted pants, they look gorgeous on and can be worn with a great cropped top or something to tuck in. Looking luxe… you’ll feel like a million bucks.

OUTFIT: Pants – Veronica Maine, Top – Kookai, Jacket – Jayson Brunsdon, Sunglasses – Collette Dinnigan