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I love the look of off the shoulder but it is too annoying for me???

Well…. a little bit. Depends where I am going for the day really. If it’s just drinks with the ladies sitting down lifting my drinking hand, I’ll be alright BUT going shopping, moving about too much, anything requiring you doing, well stuff… then the off the should not such a great idea!

Mine is a tighter fit, so maybe the loose fit is the go. It’s just a bit constricting and you’re continuously tugging on it to pull it down (that doesn’t sound so good!!). haha!

I won’t say I’m put right off the ‘off the shoulder’… let’s be honest if I see one that is too fabulous, I’m probably going to end up buying it anyway and only wearing it on non lifting up my arms kinda days…..! But then again beauty is pain, beauty is sometimes uncomfortable… it’d be so easier being a guy wouldn’t it…!

But do love the feel of this one… and while it’s a little tight around the shoulders, it has a flowy waist, that any girl would enjoy, especially when you go out for dinner (like your fat pants!). AND it looks great with my bigger shoulders… cos sometimes a girl wants to put away those guns!

OUTFIT : Top – Witchery, Skirt – Witchery, (bit of a Witchery fest) Shoes – Zara basic collection


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The Cape coat seems to be pretty ‘hot right now!’

This one is like a white tuxedo jacket! I think they give you an extra bit of class, something eye catching…. and who can go wrong with white on black.

I’ve gone for a bit of a contrast look, business on top, party down the bottom…. leather boots above the knee and leather skirt. It’s a bit of a daring look but exude confidence and anyone can pull it off.

On above the knee boots…. do they? Don’t they? look at bit well…. street walker haha… ! NAH do it right and it’s a big thumbs up. I’d say avoid the patent shiny leather and super super high heels (pretty woman style) and you should be right. BUT there’s a never say never with anything… it’s all about what you pair it with.

OUTFIT : Jacket – TT, Skirt – Zara, Top – Shieke, Boots – Urban Soul, Hat – Sportsgirl



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Yep, Black and Blue… it can work!

Here I was at the Royal Sydney show….not looking my most glamorous, wet and soggy and my shirt not feeling the love… a little crumpled from the rain!

Black and blue always seemed like a big no no!!! But it can be done for sure, especially with denim… denim goes with anything really! You can’t really notice, but my boots are also navy blue… it all blends in inappropriately and lets be honest when you’re going to the show and walking around a lot, comfort is your first thought.

Black and Blue Blend ….. give it a whirl!

OUTFIT : Pants – Witchery, Shirt – Zara, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Target 



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Leather with leather…..risky?

Well…. not if done right! I used to think leather on leather was just reserved for 1. The tough bikie types OR 2. Their tragically dressed bikie girlfriends….. BUT I’m a convert.

I think the key to going all leather is to not go in too hardcore….. make it more feminine with a lighter colour than just black (as done here, light pink!), or go for a more loose fit (because lets be honest the only people that look good in tight tight leather pants is models and people with stick think legs…. not me!). But tight leather pants and a loose leather top can be a winner…. just tight on tight in this case might be a bit…. I’m gearing up to go for a ride….!

And NO I’m not opposed to leather-look…. it might not have the quality as real leather but there is some good stuff out there that looks just like the real thing (NOTE: the skirt is not… the top is)

And there’s no doubt good leather pieces in your wardrobe come in handy and change a dull outfit to something with a bit of edge…. (no one ever called a leather skirt dull right??)

OUTFIT : Skirt – Zara, Top – Portmans, Shoes – Zara.



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The White Tee!!

It’s the staple that every wardrobe needs!! It can be worn many ways…. it’s comfortable and adds that cool…relaxed look.

I’ve done it three ways to show how versatile it is.

There’s nothing more relaxed and comfortable than pairing a white tee with culottes…. looks great and feels good (that’s my motto)….. Add some chunky jewellery for some edge or a leather hat to style it up a bit.

This is a must have….. a leather skirt and white tee! There is nothing better than this combo….. chuck on some pumps to make it a little more out going, or go for flats for a stylish day ensemble….!!

Monochrome it up with an androgynous look! Leather-look pants, white tee and a black vest!! To add a slight edge of femininity …..go the black pumps (to keep it In the monochrome style).

And there’s many more ways to mix it up…… JUST ONE THING…. yes a t-shirt should be cheap but buy one that is better quality…. believe me if it’s cheap and nasty… it will stretch…. crease and just look like an oversized bed shirt after a few wears (believe me I know….. opt for paying just that little bit more for a great cotton tee).

What’s your favourite white T look?

OUTFIT : T-shirt – Country Road, Culottes – Veronika Maine, Skirt – Zara, Pants – Witchery, Vest – Cue, Flats- Spur, Black Heels – Spur, Hat – Miss Shop


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This was my attempt at a little rock chick! Well as rock chick as I’ll go anyways!

I went to a gig (and let’s be honest the sweaty, jumping around of adult men that swing their long locks around, screaming atmosphere, is not really for me!!) but I thought this was a chance to mix it up…..go a little edgy! Right? (or more….so I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb).

I think the key is…. if you’re not a rock chick (and I’m clearly not!) or not dressing in your usual comfortable get up (and what you know), don’t over do it with the look…. maintain your style and style principles but change it up a little.

I love a good short leather skirt…. (every girl needs one) and I paired it with a sheer top. I think some sheer can be trashy if gone too far….but done the right way, edgy and funky…..!!! Although my style clearly comes out with the shoe…. this is me all over!!! Keep what you stand for but don’t be afraid to try something a little different. And rolling (or shushing…. the arms) is a must…. it transforms from polished to a bit more relaxed.

OUTFIT : Skirt – Zara, Top – Sheike, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner


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It’s a rare occasion I get to go away for the weekend to the coast. While I could visit one of many beautiful beaches in Sydney, it’s nice to drive away somewhere and get away from it all. This is me in my casual mode, boyfriend jeans, baggy tops, little makeup and unstyled hair.

I love the beach, I used to live 5 minutes from the water and loved to spend time soaking in the sun on the golden sand, going for a dip and then relaxing with a magazine. But now I’m in the suburbs, coupled with a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to get back to the place I love.

On the weekend, I was in Bonny Hills, not far from Port Macquarie, unfortunately it was a little cool to take a dip but the view, the sounds and the salty spray made me at ease once again.

What’s your favourite place to unwind?

OUTFIT (x2) : Boyfriend Jeans – Target, Leatherlook pants – Witchery, Navy Blue top – Saba, Denim Top – Zara, Shoes – Spur


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I love nothing better than leather (or leather look) and I can’t go past denim, so put them together and it’s a casual look made in heaven.

The combo will definitely add a dose of cool to the season and with the right accessories (like always) a look like this, can go from hanging out with the boys at the pub (add leather cap and flats) or an on-trend street look with a feminine touch (add heels and loads of jewellery). The androgynous look is fast becoming a favourite style of mine.

I’m still looking around for the perfect black leather skirt ( a staple piece) that would look perfect with the rest of this outfit, I know when I find it, it will virtually screams ‘gotta have it’ at you…… GOT ANY SUGGESTIONS?

OUTFIT : Denim top – Zara, Shorts – Zara, Shoes – Wittner, Jacket – Sportsgirl, Cap – Miss Shop, Necklace – Tiffany